Demi Wells Of Astronaumica

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One of my greatest joys in life is style watching. I get such a thrill looking at street style images of fashion fanatics, whether they work in the industry or just people with unintentionally killer style. There isn’t a more rewarding feeling than seeing someone pull off a good outfit.

I cannot talk about amazing personal style without referencing one of my favorite bloggers, Demi Wells of (now WhatDemiWore). Her minimalistic inclination pairs hipster-chic with serious urban edge. You’ll see Demi in signature black, white, and other nude tones like earthy green, and tan. As of late, Demi is inspired by “architecture and different textures” and she’s “really into the mesh trend” which has been a fashion front-runner for the past two seasons. She considers her style to be a “pot of stew” where she fuses “on trend, urban, and feminist” influences. Astronaumica started in 2011 as a documentation of her “change in style” and after meeting a few successful bloggers a year later, Demi accelerated her blog “to the next level” by marking her spot in the blogosphere.

What I like most about the atronaumica blogger is her effortless cool. She’s never too forceful or overdone, always just right. That is something all of my fashion faves possess. If you love style mash-ups as much as I do, Demi covers that all too well. Seriously, her crop top collection will excite you!

Take a look at some of her trendiest looks.