Raury's Gallery Silent Listening Party


In honor of Raury’s new album, “All We Need,” officially dropping tomorrow, today’s post covers the listening party-slash-art show held by the artist. You guys probably know by now that I am a huge supporter of the arts, especially works by Black artists. Music, though, is by far my most favorite medium. Being from Jamaica and growing up in a state where the creative culture is vast, music is a part of my DNA. When you mix great music and astonishing visual art together you’ll see a very happy me. Supporters of Raury mingled at the Bersharat Gallery in Atlanta (not the France location) and everyone was given a pocket player equipped with Beats headphones. The room was lit to match the calm, attentive atmosphere. Listeners vibed to the new album, while examining art that encompassed the walls on both floors of the gallery. About half-way through the album, Raury began his rounds of thanking event goers, making sure to miss no one. His engaging presence was what you’d expect from listening to his music. The humility was genuine, even more so when he asked us to stick around for a meet-and-greet and spread the word on social media. It’s as though he wanted to connect with as many of supporters as possible and that made me even more proud to be one of them.

At the end, we all lined up to take pictures and have small talk in between. While unlocking my phone for a selfie with him, he saw my screen photo with Rihanna and asked if that was me. I proudly said “yes.” When I asked about the album, he replied with “Just don’t ask me how I made it. Because I really don’t know.” In other words, “All We Need” is a collection made from pieces of himself; I heard him say it’s a personal body of work and that he invested his soul into it (paraphrasing here). You hear that raw, soulfulness in every single track on the album. Get it tomorrow and judge for yourself. I promise you won’t regret it.