St. Beauty On Their Explosive Year


On the heels of their “Eephus Tour” with fellow Wondaland crew (created by Janelle Monae), the remarkably talented St. Beauty is issuing a new video for their single titled “Going Nowhere” November 20th. Last night the duo held a release party, giving attendees a first-look at the song’s visual counterpart. St. Beauty chatted with me, first describing their reaction to all the success 2015 has brought them:

“It’s been fun, it’s amazing. We now have a band… they’ve really helped [to take] our live shows to the next level.”
— St. Beauty

The young women added that experimenting and working with their new band has assisted them in building confidence. While “on the road, we feel more confident on stage,” and they’ve been on some pretty big ones this year, including ONE Musicfest. Also, St. Beauty expressed that they’ve grown tremendously through this journey. The next step for them is releasing their first music video. The upcoming visual is inspired by “the 70s and what it felt like to find love back then.” Don’t expect a trippy, bell-bottom ridden short-film though.

Much like the girls themselves, the video is a perfect synthesis of retro, nostalgia and new age, contemporary flair that rivals any artist/group in their genre right now. St. Beauty is unique, but in a manner that is familiar and alluring. As for the song itself, there’s a more philosophical inspiration: the ideas behind Chinese Red String theory. The ancient belief is that when two people come together there’s a “forever binding of love” between them. Teaser alert! Expect to see some super cute interactions between couples in the video.


Something admirable that resonated with me – aside from their complimentary, yet polar and stunning personal style – is how relatable these two are. Throughout the entire night, the St. Beauty girls were so pleasant, and just plain fun to be around. Their contagious energies mesh so well together – Isis is a Scorpio, and Alex is a Pisces – wanting to know more about them and their music is an unavoidable inquiry. Not being one to shy away from potential inside information, I asked if there’s an album in the works, to which they responded vaguely: “we are working on an [album], we can’t really say much about it yet, but we’re super excited.” And so should all music lovers.

The St. Beauty girls are the duo to watch. Their talent is undeniable, and they are darn good-looking. The cherry on top? Well, they’re also brilliant, creative, and are two of the most beautiful souls. They are the epitome of Quaint Revolt and are pure black girls out here slaying! Fall in love with their single, “Going Nowhere,” available on iTunes and be sure to watch their new video on VEVO this Friday.

Special thanks to videographer D. Morgan for making the video and photos. Checkout our Youtube page for more recordings from the St. Beauty video release party.