Editor's Travel Journal: NYC

Cafe Medi

Hotel on Rivington, New York

When I graduated high school some years ago, I knew very little about exactly what I wanted to do. There were some things I was certain of, however: I wanted to work in fashion, travel the world (especially the African continent), and move to New York City. Mind you, I had never had a job, been on my own, nor did I have the slightest clue what my fashion career path would entail. NYC was pulling me, but I still had not even visited. That is, until last weekend. My fashion bestie, Demi, won a sponsored trip for two from Lucky Brand, and I was chosen to tag along. Ecstatic, overjoyed, grateful. Those are just some of the emotions I felt when it hit me that I would finally get to see the city I have, for so long, felt deeply connected to.

Board. Dine. Explore

Hotel on Rivington, a chic boutique hotel, hosted us for the weekend. It’s New York flair – walls engulfed in various styles of art, contrasting (modern with retro) decor, and dimly-lit rooms that set an ambiance of refinement – greeted us as we strutted through. Their Cafe Medi is sophisticated, slightly colorful, and picturesque with a hint of whimsy. We spent the weekend exploring the city, mostly on foot and the subway, as real New Yorkers do. Of course we strolled through Time Square (even took in a movie there), stopped by Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment (because … duh!), gawked outside of the Conde Nast building, and I finally got to see Canal Street in Chinatown, where I took a photo and captioned it using one of my favorite lyrics by The Lumineers. On Sunday, we walked through Central Park, and not even the overwhelming stench of horse secretions could dampen the beauty of the area. Suffice it to say, New York gave me all that I needed. The vibrancy, the liveliness, the sense of belonging that, as a liberal arts gal, only this place can provide. 

This trip gave me the confirmation I always knew I would get: New York is the place for me. And while I did get to cross some to-dos off my bucket list, there is still so much more I have to see. So, before I actually move there (which I will do), I see more visits in the near future. Thank you, Big Apple. For being everything I wanted you to be and more!