Haitian Design Sisters' "EDEN" Collection

Sisters Natacha and Anise Saint-Juste, the design-duo behind SAINTS by S.J., recently showcased their SS’17 collection, bringing refinement and romanticism to the season. Born in Haiti, the designers were introduced to fashion very early on, as their father was a local tailor who taught them the art of clothing construction. It was this invaluable, first-hand experience that allowed them to skip out on fashion school and maximize their talents intimately – through familial collaboration. Their tailoring background is also the basis of their knack for bespoke designs – working with individual clients to materialize custom garments. We spoke to the small-business owners just before their runway show to unearth details about their brand’s identity, color palette, and the ideal SAINTS woman. 

QUAINT REVOLT: Tell us about yourselves and introduction to fashion design.

SAINTS by S.J: We are Natacha and Anise Saint-Juste, formally known as the founders of the CT based clothing line brand, Saints by S.J.. We have been the home of custom-made fashion since 2012. We’re a family-owned company that embodies the gift of making a [person’s] creation come to life. We value all of our customers and consider every order given to us as something personal. At the heart of it all, we’re aspiring entrepreneurs who believe in the power of young women and wish to continue empowering them throughout their everyday life. In addition to fashion, we’re Global Giving Ambassadors who are passionate in fighting for social justices. We both are free spirits who believe in living and loving life to its greatest extent and our lives are one immense collection of trials, adventures, and accomplishments within the fashion industry. We are lucky enough to go through all of this together, not only as sisters, but as best friends.

QR: The name of your fashion house is very interesting, and so is the modern elegance, from what I’ve seen thus far, in your clothing. How did this name come about, and how is your creations embodying its meaning? What story is Saints telling to the world?

SBSJ: The name Saints by S.J. derives from our last name “Saint -Juste” which has a french origin. “Saints” is the the first part of our last name and we just thought that adding ” by S.J. ” will give the band name an appealing look as well as unique sound. When we came up with our brand’s name we wanted something than embodied our family traditions and carried our family name, so the name “Saints by S.J.” is a brand name that we take so much pride in owning.

QR: The latest collection will be released next month. Can you share some details about the process – from beginning to the actual showing?

SBSJ: The making of “EDEN” s/s17 collection has be exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. We are excited to release this highly anticipated collection, but it’s nerve racking because there is much more that goes into just creating the collection, it’s also all the decisions made regarding our runway show and styling of the collection. We never would want to disappoint our supporters, so we hope that they love this collection as much as we loved creating it. The collection itself is inspired by the biblical story “the garden of Eden”. The concept for EDEN is [medieval] couture, so the collection will consist of couture gowns, along with ready to wear garments.

QR: What is the significance of the color palette found in this new collection? Are there any particular moods you want to emulate?

SBSJ: The color palette for this collection consist of deep purples, plums, lavender, dust pink, and natural tans. Along with  floral embroidered lace and hand beaded fabric.

QR: When, or if, you consider the ideal Saints woman, what is she like?

SBSJ: The ideal Saints by S.J. Women is hard working, free spirited, and embodies entrepreneurial qualities. She does not take “no” as the final answer. She gives the best customer service to all her customers and makes her customers feel beautiful by creating garments that showcase their best qualities. She is not afraid of taking risks, which makes her a leader. She sets trends rather than follow them. She inspires others through her creations.

QR: Can you share any exclusive information about the next step for Saints?

SBSJ: The next steps for Saints by S.J. is to showcase at NYFW which has always be a dream of ours. Saints by S.J. Hopes to gain more celebrity clientele for more  exposure. We also hope to continue to network and  collaborate with other aspiring entrepreneurs. Follow SAINTS on facebook and instagram for updates.