Redefining Beauty: A Visual Discussion With BeautyMate Co.


Beauty is a lot of things. Immeasurable, yet so energetic that to the senses, it becomes tangible. It’s this intuitive nebulous, floating around undefined; but the world has spent nearly an eternity blueprinting its dimensions. Through rebellion, we’re finally at a point where beauty’s antiquated parameters deteriorate more rapidly. 

At Quaint Revolt, we (proudly) aim to facilitate the destruction of specifications unfairly outlined and imposed across the globe. Instead of relentlessly perpetuating a modus operandi that does nothing but disparage, we’ve sworn to uphold beauty’s inclusiveness and subjectivity. It is especially fueling to witness the resulting wonders of Afro-descended women – who’ve suffered the most as casualties in a war led by wicked beauty standards – collectively reject the very source of their rejection.

Recently, we collaborated with Beauty Mate on what we call a glorious, mini-revolution, and thank the stars we did. Friends Shara and Christina are owners of the brand, which acts as a liaison, connecting women of color to Black-owned businesses that not only consider them but actually cater to their diverse needs. It’s kind of like having a best friend who is also your beauty and lifestyle middleman – she’s always on top of the latest products and trends, PLUS she has an ever-growing selection of beauty experts for your referral.

With that truth bomb dropped, continue perusing our visual story.