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Drew Julian

Stylist. Creative. ATL

Nineteen-year old stylist and aspiring creative cirector, Drew Julian, is forging his path in the world of fashion and doing so with impeccable personal style. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, the Atlanta-based student got his start in high school when two friends approached him about creating a fashion group, signifying that his fashionable reputation was already garnering respect. “We [were] gonna make YouTube videos, . . . talk about fashion and dress people,” says Drew. The partnership idea appealed to his creative senses and essentially was the perfect outlet for a fashion obsessed teen. The trio got a hyper-realistic introduction to the life of a working stylist when they put together a fundraiser to gather clothing for their projects. They provided shopping tips and style advice – the things style experts are hired to do for their clients. Experience like that is priceless (especially for a future editorial stylist); there are so many who either have limited knowledge of a stylist’s actual job or those who crumble at the effort required to be successful in this field. Fortunately, Drew’s early exposure benefited him tremendously, and now, that graphic preparation is threaded into the way he approaches his work. What I mean is he knows how to craft an interesting concept – take his Halloween inspired spread, for example – but the stylist also understands the logistics of the job and knows how to balance being a business man with the significant need for creative expression.

In a city where competition between stylists is thick, it’s imperative to hone your skills and weave a distinct aesthetic into your work. Discussions about the depreciation of fashion styling are bountiful (maybe even overdone), but their validity does not waver. “Styling is an art form that’s not really well-appreciated. I feel like people just view it as ‘Oh, you just dress people up’,” he says. The stylist described his process some, explaining that he tackles each gig accordingly. Every muse for personal or conceptual projects is a blank canvas ready to be colored (with clothing) and directed into telling the story as intended. For collaborative photo sessions or clients, it’s more about merging his knowledge of fashion with the client’s personality and essence. He elaborated by saying, “I want to put clothes together that goes great with your skin color. I look at their hair texture. I look at [everything] before I just throw on an outfit.”

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As for what keeps him going, the young stylist relies on his faith and constant evaluation of what he’s created. Motivation comes from seeing his growth and being reminded of his passion. What captivates me is his yearning to become an inspiration to others, saying “I want to touch people. I want to inspire people, to not be afraid to step out and chase your dreams.” His goals aren’t self-serving, rather, they are fragments of a much bigger desire: Inspire upcoming generations to love and live art. His work is about challenging classism – a proven subculture found in the fashion industry. Who knew fashion styling could be so deep? Well, it is and Drew makes the case for fashion with substance.

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