Runway Coverage Via Snapchat

Fashion shows. It’s the exposè where designers roll out collections for upcoming seasons and stores showcase their trendiest garbs. It’s equivalent to the Superbowl, but for fashion design. Instead of Tostitos and queso, attendees sip crafted cocktails and snack on hors d’oeuvre approved by the fashion crowd.

Three fashion show facts: everyone loves them, want to watch them, and if fashion journalism is your niche, you’ll certainly spend a great deal of your career writing about them. Let’s say you are lucky enough to work as a magazine editor or successful Blogger; you’ll be well equipped to complete the coverage. Partnering with experienced photographers or using learned photography skills are two basic options. But if you’re like me – say a struggling student who’s following her dreams while still learning the field – the privilege of said resources isn’t as easy to acquire. The aspiring is forced to make use of the minimal help we do have. With social media apps like Snapchat at our fingertips, we simply have to “make it work.” (in Tim Gun’s voice, of course.)

Thankfully, fashion and social media have become so synonymous with each other, when the two cross paths, no one is surprised. The tech industry and fashion have converged, much like many other creative industries. Designers (and their brands), bloggers and style stars, they all use social networks to keep followers engaged with their content – what they (and the people with them) are wearing, creating, and even give us insight into the happenings at fashion events.

Recently, I had a splendid opportunity to attend the SP16LUXE Fashion Show at Lenox Square Mall. I say splendid for lack of a sufficient term because frequenting events like this isn’t the norm. As you would expect, I was excited (and nervous) because it’s the type of show I’d like Quaint Revolt to have access to on a regular basis. The help of an on-call photographer was not in the cards for me, but still. I had to capture some runway snippets, and Snapchat was there to save the day. Sort of. Covering a fashion show – with fast-paced transitions from outfit to outfit, designer to designer – via SC was harder than I thought, something I realized almost immediately. Pros and cons following.

pros v. cons

Pro: Followers get real-time visuals from the show. Nothing says “I’m a real journalist at a real fashion show” like live photos and videos of models in action. As a fashion Blogger, the people following you want to know what you’re doing at events, and this gives them quick access from your point of view.

Con: Captions slow you down. You’re allotted a few seconds in between outfits to summarize or review a look, and captioning is vital. How else will readers know your thoughts on a trend or that you spotted a trend in the first place? Fast, yet effective captions will take some practice, but it’s achievable.

Pro: Maximized social sharing. Direct sharing to snapchat is a perk of its own, but your Twitter and Instagram can easily receive this content too. Multi-networking allows you to engage through multiple platforms, if not simultaneously, then in close proximity. This also entices readers to join you on sites they aren’t following on yet. Even YouTube, where you can upload rad runway videos.

Con: Snap quality is different on other social sites. Yes, you are creating real-time coverage, but the quality may alter when shared somewhere else. Bummer, I know. The key is to take the best snaps possible so that all of your platforms get the content of equal quality.

Pro:  Multimedia website entry. Add verbiage to visuals and you get a diversified article or blog post – what you are reading now. With a photographer, you may have to wait for photo/video editing, but if you use snapchat well enough, you can skip that step. Don’t get me wrong; it’s hard to compete with high-quality equipment. But this route can be used in times of desperation.

final ruling

The Ruling? While there is no substitute for great photography/videography, there is snapchat. A less professional, but considerable tool to cover a fashion show. Check out our snippets below and head to our YouTube to see more runway videos.