New Chapters: Maffy Godinez by Book of Jane

Model, Maffy Godinez embarks on a quest for self-expression and documents her journey with Quaint Revolt. Photography:   The Book of Jane Photography

Model, Maffy Godinez embarks on a quest for self-expression and documents her journey with Quaint Revolt. Photography: The Book of Jane Photography

QR: Tell us about yourself: Upbringing, why do you model, etc.

MG: I was born in the Philippines and left when I was two. My mother, unfortunately, had to stay behind, and I was raised by my father (along with the help of my aunts). Growing up with such a macho man, I definitely grew up and stayed a tomboy. One of my many aunts would always try to put me in dresses and in pink clothing. As for my dad, he would have me wear a lot of white T’s and denim. With modeling, it was something I had always been curious of (I watched a lot of Top Model). In middle school and high school, I played volleyball, and loved it! I was always told I’d do really well in volleyball, and I could probably also do well as a model since I was so tall for a Filipina.

QR: You recently had your first photo shoot. What was the experience like?

MG: Honestly, on my way there I thought I was just going to be some help. Then slowly processing that I was the only one there, I got super nervous. Once they had me try on some clothes and started the makeup, I became a lot more relaxed. It felt really unreal to wear so many big names (all in one outfit!) and to have someone professionally do my makeup. Actually taking the photos, was a bit of a challenge, until I started to think about how Tyra Banks always says to move gently. When I did this project, I was excited to finally get a chance to have a taste of what it’s like to model!

QR:  Do you see yourself continuing to pursue a career in modeling? Why or why not?

MG:  Modeling wasn’t something I’ve always wanted to do. When I got older it did cross my mind every now and then, but I believe when there’s an opportunity to do something new and different, for yourself. Definitely snatch that up! I can for sure see myself doing this a lot more, even just for fun. If I try my best to take this as far as I can; I could see myself being happy and fully satisfied with my accomplishments.

QR: What are your thoughts on diversity in the industry – not just as it relates to race, but body and beauty diversity as well?

MG:  I feel like there isn’t much I can say on this subject. Mostly because I’m not very familiar with the industry. For my everyday life, like when I shop online, I see that the plus size models aren’t accessorized or as focused on than the others. I’ve also taken notice that all models have to have a certain size to them. Plus size or not, there isn’t a variety of body types. However, we can all agree, that slowly but surely it’s going to change. I really enjoy this one Target commercial that’s in Spanish. It starts with this funky, EDM song and shows these girls dancing to the song, but it’s close up. So you can see their really cool, crazy makeup. What I really like about it is that the girls are completely different from one another. One of the girls has a disability, but she is doing her thing! With the pink pastel bob! I don’t really know how to explain it, but that commercial just makes me happy

QR: What do you cherish most about yourself? I body feature, personality or characteristic. Anything.

MG: I gave this one a lot of thought and what I have come to, is that I really like my personality. My two best friends and my boyfriend tell me, when I ask, that a lot of people really like my company. I’m a Libra ( haha ) and I just always want to make sure the people I’m with have a good time! I guess I can say I’m a people person, and I really enjoy working in customer service, getting to interact with everyone is interesting! You never know what the next person might say to you. I feel like if I talk about my personality, I’m bragging. I don’t like to do that, nor do I like it when others do. One of my many goals in life is to always be nice to someone, as long as they are nice back. I also really like my hair, sometimes, it’s super straight, so it’s pretty easy to do my hair. I say sometimes, because I really love wavy and curly hair; I know everyone wants what they don’t have so I try not to cry about it.