What To Expect From Kenzo-H&M



         x H&M

The next H&M collaboration revealed itself to the public recently, and it’s with the mega brand, Kenzo. Since 2005, the top fast-fashion retailer has afforded on-a-budget fashion enthusiasts to shop high-fashion designs through their cooperation with major brands like Maison Margiela, Karl Lagerfeld, Versace and most recently, Balmain. There is no doubt that these once-only collections lead us to acquire name brands at a fraction of the price and has earned H&M the top contender spot as it pertains to reaching the masses. Aside from Target’s designer combinations, there aren’t many major retailers giving people like you and me the opportunity to wear sub-luxury clothing on a continuous basis. Thanks to these capsules, the Swiss company add luxe brands to our closets annually, sometimes even multiple times a year.  Although I have issues with how alienating the rising price points from these collections have been (remember the Alexander Wang ordeal?), it would be disingenuous to say they don’t serve a purpose.

To many who hold a business point-of-view, these collections may be just another capitalistic benefit where only the participating brands gain from our consumerism; but for those of us who study fashion more than the average and appreciate what these brands offer regarding aesthetic and design quality, these collaborations are paramount. Their efforts to create a capsule collection that is affordable – compared to the standard high-end cost, that is – allows us to participate in styling brands we aspire to sport and those we learn about in our (formal and informal) studies. It’s a phenom where famous street-style stars and avid fashion bloggers can own the same garbs. Ones that if not sold in collaboration with H&M, most of us wouldn’t be able to purchase.

If you are not familiar with Kenzo but want to take advantage of the forthcoming collection, there are a few expectations you should consider. But first, familiarize yourself with the brand.

Created in the 1970s by Kenzo Takada, the Japanese designer opened his first boutique in France and gained a slew of recognition beginning with a 1971 Vogue feature when some of his “oversized” designs appeared. As of 2011, Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon and Carol Lin have headed the brand’s creative direction, succeeding Antonio Marras’ tenure. Kenzo distinguishes itself through striking prints, colors and a sporty-cool that is the root of the brand’s artistic tree. We are likely to see these concepts manifest in their H&M collab as well. As history shows, these designers’ original model is woven into the collectives without mimicking already created pieces – unlike the Balmain assemblage, in which the developer knocked off his high-end designs.

Although we can never say for sure, we can expect Kenzo’s distinct approach to fashion design, and it will be fabulous. Cool, colorful, chic and of course, leisurely. And I can’t wait! Stay tuned with Quaint Revolt for updates on this and all essential fashion news.