Extensions by Yves Esapa

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Hair is powerful and it holds strength to its name. For generations people preached that power flows through the hair. Cutting hair was never done in the past unless it was to slaves because it represents the taking away of their energy and power as a form of punishment. People in history believed that your hair will grow to the perfect length for you and it will harvest energy and nourish the body. There is power in hair. When hair coils and dreads lock, we contain that energy and it enhances our being. After hair became a trend for fashion we lost all of the significance we put behind our hair. I’m here to say that we should never forget about the spiritual qualities of hair. Hair contains our energy and passes it though our bodies, thus igniting our spiritual and universal energies. 
— Yves Esapa

Photography & Direction: Yves Esapa | @suburbanbayou 

Model: Lakayla Wilhite | @iamrexgod