Aff & Jam: UK Fash-Art Brand With A Conscious Slant


An art + fashion brand by London duo Kelesi and Jaymie.

Founders Kelesi and Jaymie met at London College of Fashion roughly 10 years ago. Both women were pursuing bachelor’s degrees in illustration, yet they currently spend their days working in healthcare and education. However, their arts education would go on to become a primary distinction in their work with Aff and Jam. After mapping out a concept during their last year of university, the fash-art brand was actualized in 2017. Noted as “wearable art,” the artists reference their illustration background to create products that feel like everyday collectibles. Ranging from scarves, artworks and clothing, Aff & Jam are London’s latest eco and socially conscious label.

As avid followers and lovers of art and styling, we’ve always enjoyed the freedom of clothing and the  nostalgic element of ever changing styles.
— Aff & Jam

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Wearable, meaningful art.

Quaint Revolt: Does the spirit of London influence or inspire Aff and Jam’s work in any way? How so or why not?

Aff and Jam: We are subconsciously influenced by London because it is all we’ve ever known as born and bred South Londoners. It has somewhat influenced us through the years. We are proud of the city’s diverse cultures and the artistically daring fashions.

QR: Art is infused in your fashions. Can you elaborate on what that means or its intent?

A&J: We present our clothing as “wearable art” each piece is hand painted with fabric paint and silk inks. We view clothing as the canvas we wear rather than an item we hang on the wall.

QR: What does community mean to you?

A&J: Community means to us the unity of people from different backgrounds and ages, faiths and so on. A mismatched family of people whom share a environmental space and or concern.

QR: How does community relate to your brand?

A&J: We supply sustainable and ethically sourced options of clothing, accessories and canvas art. Our scarves are locally sourced as well as our pre-loved item as we understand the importance of investing in local businesses.

QR: In what ways do think your brand speak to the creation of a sense of community?

A&J: In addition to our growing commitment of conscious creations; our main ethos is the promotion and celebration black features and all female body types through our lines and patterns. We have actively been involved in local black female well-being events led by our dear friend and founder of full lips the podcast. In the pipeline we have more community led events that we are so excited for and look forward to being apart of.

QR: As it pertains to your business mantra, what does it mean to give?

A&J: As quoted by the wonderful and most wise Alex Elle, “supporting other women will never be a second thought for me. No matter how similar or difficult. We must stick together to stand to together. We must love one another to grow with each other. It’s simple erase competition and start connecting.”