Puma and Saint Heron's Quaint Collab


for PUMA

Images from Saint Heron.

Solange ‘Slays-in-every-way’ Knowles announced her latest collaboration with Puma last night, surely causing heart palpitations from here to South Africa. The collection, properly titled “Word to the Woman,” was designed as “an ode to the women who innovate and redefine roles in varied walks of life” and the imagery beautifully adheres to this message. The Saint Heron creator’s select muses include Poet/Artist Cleo Wade, Photographer Bee Walker, Psychiatry Resident Dr. Jessica Clemons and DJ/Producer Kitty Cash. The sneakers come in a classic, suede Puma style and ranges in color from a beautiful “Pale Mustard Yellow” to a muted, pastel “Powder Blue” and a mysterious “Midnight Indigo.” Each pair has a unique imprint that adds a subtle, artsy cool, all of which mesh very well with their designated shades. Solange’s master art direction manifested a cohesive story of brilliant design, aesthetic, and women that truly embody the inspiration behind the collection. Seriously, the photos are just perfect!

The collection is reasonably priced and available for pre-order on the Saint Heron store site. I’m not a sneaker head, but if the universe leads a pair to me, it will be the Pale Mustard. Solo loves her some yellow, just as much as I do and her choice hue here is lovely. I’m obsessed with all things Solange. Who isn’t? This well executed project merely adds to my infatuation.