Atlanta's Alternative Comic Con


Atlanta con

A Viable Alternative

Photo by: Abdullah Zain

Summer is the time to indulge all exciting activities, and Atlanta Comic Con is no exception. From comic books and cosplay, lovers of all things nerdy assembled at the World Congress Center July 13-15 for a weekend celebrating art and fantasy worlds.

Attendees competed at board games, expanded comic book collections, and performed in elaborate costumes, all while paying homage to their favorite characters, comiverses, and the sort. These enthusiasts of comics and cartoons also got a chance to see their favorite actors and voice talents from titles such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and more. Sure this is a time fore fun and games, but events like this are more significant to the vast local communities who enjoy similar activities as Atlanta Con. A participant, Abdullah Zain, shared with Quaint Revolt his interesting perspective on the topic.

I think [Comic] cons are an important part of fandom communities because they allow for a gathering of people with shared interests who may not have necessarily been able to find other like them before.
— Abdullah Zain

Like many others, Zain appreciated the access to the event’s multitude of fan experiences. Not only do people like Zain get to have much more fun with people who not only  share the same interests, they also get to do so in a safe haven suitable for all ages . Each year a new generation of kids get exposed to the artistry of comic books. Even if such books are not your thing, everyone here  can admire the hard work that goes into creating comics, executing a beloved character, and the strategic skills of playing videos games.Atlanta Con’s affordability reinforces the significance its presence in a city with a large (and rapidly growing) population. Driving the economy is a socio-economic mixture of young professionals, college students, and creative freelancers. While other cons ask for rates that more often than not bleed wallets, this one was less than $100 for entry. By pricing reasonably, along with offering a similar experience as competitors, the event hosts demonstrate how in-tuned they are with this audience. Thus, Atlanta Comic Con places itself in a viable position for a lengthy, symbiotic relationship with the Peach State.

Comic Connoisseurs may relive the euphoria at other cons later in the year, such as Dragon Con and Anime Weekend Atlanta.