Business Of Style Takes On Atlanta's Creative Industry


WHAT: Business of Style: Influencer Edition - Overall Fashion Conference in the A.

WHEN: October 6th, 2018 1pm-5pm

WHO: Victorya Wagner and Gynella Ngounou

WHERE: 585 Wells Street Atlanta, GA 30312

WHY: Educate the youth and put on for our city!

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Instagram: @businessofstyleATL

#BusinessOfStyleATL #DillardsAtlanticStation

ABOUT: Business of Style: Influencers Edition is a collective of individuals who are blazing trails

within their profession with a focus on fashion, media, and business. Their purpose of Business

of Style is to engage those interested in a career within the fashion industry and provide them

with tools to navigate their respective avenues.

MODERATOR: Victorya Wagner 678.642.7720

Founder and Director of Kevlar Rose Agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. A Mother Agency on

model development and agency placement focusing on models of color.

Contact info: @kevlarroseagency

MODERATOR: Gynella Ngounou 202.999.7427

A Cameroonian-American social entrepreneur leading a fashion sewing company, Students

Expressing Life through Fashion (SELF), enlightening all makers of fashion on sewing, fashion

buying and branding.

PANELIST: Teferri Stewart , Ahmad Barber, Ateara Garrison, Kara Stanton, Ashley Sims, and

Katie Kern

VENUE: 585 Wells Street at JF Bricks Studio is a film studio also sharing their space for

professionals and creatives to produce. JF Bricks Studio is a 4500 split level venue space, with

a 1500 square foot loft. The space is interchangeable and works great for any setting. Perfect

for films, birthday parties, baby showers, corporate events, small weddings, parties, photo

shoots, etc. There is a full bathroom as well as a 6 station hair and make up room as well as

1,000 sq feet of green screen. Interchangeable Phillips Hue lighting. Perfect to set any

ambiance. Please feel free to contact for a complimentary tour. -- Contact Victorya Wagner at for a walk-through of the venue.